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MonsoonSIM helps you keep your students focused on your business curriculum from start to finish by providing the opportunity for students to achieve their learning objectives alongside real-world business problems.

Aside from providing an excellent learning platform, we are perfect for teachers as

  • MonsoonSIM is easy to learn - We are able to teach a team of faculty or teachers in one day
  • MonsoonSIM is flexible - As a teacher, you are able to configure the MonsoonSIM simulation to your learning outcomes while adding fun to your curriculum
  • Over 90% of students would MonsoonSIM in their course again*

*based on real surveys on students who use MonsoonSIM

One of the biggest challenges highest educators face is fostering in engaged group of students in a hybrid learning environment. Another challenge is the increased demand from students and employers for graduates to have hands-on experience. 

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About Us

MonsoonSIM is an award-winning business simulation and gamification education platform. This platform has been used in business education since 2013. To date, we have more than 100,000 registered learners and a rapidly growing user base.

Transforming the way you teach

  • Instead of teaching with theory alone, you allow the learners to conduct self-directed learning --- through simulation and gamification.
  • Instead of creating course content, you simply configure your course to suit your learners.
  • Instead of being a teacher, you are a facilitator and an advisor.

Transforming the way they learn

  • Instead of learning by remembering, learners learn by doing and exploring.
  • Instead of learning by elearning or powerpoint, learners learn by practicing and experimenting.

There are hundreds of fundamental business concepts applicable to any trading, distribution, eCommerce, manufacturing, and service business. The concepts are brilliantly wrapped into a typical business simulation with thirteen business departments. Data live access is also available for analysis and reflection of the learner's business decisions. Educators can decide to teach the basics for example, Accounting with Retail or use MonsoonSIM to teach advanced level concepts such as capital budgeting.

Our Users

The followings are some of the education institutions that have used MonsoonSIM to deliver their courses.

Universities or Organizations that have run MonsoonSIM

Facilitators certified to run MonsoonSIM

Learners who have learnt through MonsoonSIM

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According to student feedback, most prefer the experiential learning mode over traditional lectures as it allows them to understand the complexity in business operations using an interactive approach.

Dr. Ma Nang Laik

Associate Professor, Business Programme

Singapore University of Social Sciences

The intensity of the game, and the digital nature of the game allows them to consider and test the application of their hypotheses or other theories, instead of just absorbing them.

Dr. Leong Y. Jonathan

Head, Event Management Programme

Singapore University of Social Sciences

The potential value to my students is immense. I have never seen a more complete or realistic simulation. The integration of gamification with teams efforts stimulates the kind of thinking and soft skills that could make a difference in inspiring my students.

Dr. Scott Dell, CPA, DBA

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Francis Marion University, USA

The MonsoonSIM is appropriate across a wide range of programs and courses. It has the ability to provide the students with the performance data for them to analyze and use their analytic skills to dertermine appropriate business strategies. I have been looking for a tool that helps demonstrate the integration of ERP systems, and MonsoonSim provides this.

Severin Grabski, Ph.D

Faculty Director, MS Business Analytics, Broad College of Business

Michigan State University, USA

We live in a digital age where the crucial question is how to build data-driven professional to help companies make better decisions. Learning by linking gamification and working with live data is a way to teach students to think and to transfer the gained knowledge and skills in their companies or to their employers All this is possible by MonsoonSIM.

Prof. Dr. Violeta Cvetkoska

Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Faculty of Economics


We are extremely happy with student engagement in the simulation and also the holistic understanding of accounting and business process that students have gained. They really enjoyed participating in the simulation and they report how much they have learnt. We found the simulation easy to set-up and run. The platform is extremely robust without any difficulties.

Dr. Christine Contessotto

Associate Dean Teaching and Learning

Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

The flow of real-time information across departments integrates ERP process into a single system providing a process of visibility, analytics, and efficiency across every aspects of a business which makes the simulation and training very meaningful

Mr. Donny Siu

Associate Director, Entrepreneurship Center

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

The students were engaged from the start and learned very quickly.
My goal was to immerse the students in the 'world' of a small business owner to experience the need for monitoring key elements of the business and quick informed decision making. The ramifications of each decision played out in front of them providing immediate feedback and the need for more decision making.
My experiential learning goal was achieved. I consider it a big success.

Dr.Wade Halvorson

Theme Director SMEs & Entrepreneurship

Senior Lecturer, Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University, Australia

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